News: Jul 03, 2018

Molina selected as a 2018 Outstanding Senior

At Oklahoma State, the McKnight Scholars are known for their engagement in leadership experiences, service opportunities, and academic excellence. We often see them being rewarded for these efforts on campus. Our scholars know what it means to be an OSU Cowboy and strive to live out those values everyday! To class 5 scholar, Angel Molina, being a Cowboy means “saddling up regardless of the situation. It means having a servant’s heart, a leader’s determination, and a person strong in their faith, all while exhibiting humility and an unselfish personality.”

Angel was recently named as a 2018 Outstanding Senior for Oklahoma State. Angel is one of 14 seniors selected for this honor based on his dedication to leaving OSU better than when he came here. Originally from Johnson City, Kansas; Angel came to us as a class 5 scholar and will graduate this May with a degree in Agribusiness.

About his selection, Angel said; "For me to be recognized as an Outstanding Senior means that all of my mom and dad's words of wisdom, long hours of labor, and sacrifices have not gone in vain. It means that my siblings will not have to struggle like I once did, and hopefully have a carved pathway to follow. It means that all the long hours of work, study sessions, and sleepless nights of not knowing how or who to ask for help, but trust in the man upstairs, were worth it!"

After graduation, Angel will pursue a career in the agricultural banking industry and utilize the skills gained at OSU to continue to leave an impact. “In my time at OSU, I have been given countless experiences to further develop my road to success. Faculty and staff have pushed me to reach my full potential, my peers have supported me, and others have allowed me to make timeless connections that will impact my future. This has only increased my ambition and desire to serve. Ambition will serve as my driving force beyond OSU, allowing me to continue to serve others in my professional life.”

Congratulations, Angel!

Click the link to learn more about our very own Oklahoma State Outstanding Senior, Angel Molina!


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