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The Mcknight Scholars Leadership application for the 2019-2020 academic year is now available.  For more information, please contact the Oklahoma State University Foundation or the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

All students who wish to be considered for the McKnight Scholars Leadership Program are strongly encouraged to complete our online application. Nominations that are submitted serve as support letters for each candidate. Those must be submitted by the deadlines below, along with the student application.

Frequenty Asked Questions By Applicants 

How do I access the online application? 

You can simply link through the "Apply or Nominate Now" link in the upper right hand corner of our website.     


When is my application due?

Applications are due by November 1st to be considered for the first round of selections and February 1st for the second round of selections. Please note that applicants who apply by the November 1st deadline may be accepted or denied immediately or may move on to re-consideration during the second round of selections. Applicants who apply after the November 1st deadline and by the February 1st deadline will be immediately accepted or denied during the second round of selections. Due to the high colume of applications received, applications submitted after February 1st will not be considered.


Do I need nominations forms for my application to be considered? 

It is strongly encouraged that you have at least three nominations to accompany your application. Nominations are similar to a letter of reccomendation and should be completed through the online form. Nominations can be submitted at anytime before the application deadlines, November 1st to be considered for the first round of selections and February 1st for the second round of selections.


What makes a great nomination?

It is very helpful for the selection committee to better understand the leadership ability, character, academic ability, and commitment to attending Oklahoma State University.  Speaking to these qualities is always helpful. 


How many nominations can one applicant have?

There is no limit on number of nominations.  We would encourage quality over quantity.  Three to four strong letters is preferred. 


 What is the word count for the essays on the application? 

Each essay question on the student application allows for the use of 1500 characters.  


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