Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest and investment in a potential McKnight Scholar!  Please view a few of our frequently asked questions below for a better understanding of our process. 

Do I need to submit an official transcript for my McKnight Scholarship Application?

Though an official transcript is not required for this scholarship application packet, full admission to OSU is required which does require a transcript be provided.


What standardized tests are required to apply?

Standardized tests are not our main focus in selection.  However, we do look at either an SAT or ACT as a sign of academic potential.  One of these scores must be provided for consideration.  


Who should I ask to fill out a nomination form for me?

Identify individuals who you have a good relationship with and that will be reliable in completing the form.  Since the nominations are sent via the website, you will not know when they have submitted the feedback. Remember, a nomination IS a recommendation.


Do I have to complete my OSU application BEFORE I submit the McKnight application?

Yes, a completed application and acceptance to OSU is required to be considered.   


Will the McKnight Scholar Selection Committee have access to my OSU Applications?

We pull some important information from your common application to the university.  The scholarship office administers the selection process using your information provided in the application process.  A committee connects that information to your application for the McKnight Selection Committee to make all decisions. 



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