Program Timeline

Freshman Year
Sophomore Year
JuniorYear & Senior Year

Leadership Colloquium I and II

During the fall and spring semesters, first-year scholars enroll in a one-hour credit class focusing on key leadership principles preparing them as life-giving leaders.

McKnight Mentor Groups

Each incoming scholar is engaged in a mentoring group led by McKnight Scholar upperclassmen. Students meet every other week in small group settings and focus on enhancing their academic, social and service experiences at OSU.

Heifer International Experience

During OSU's fall break, first-year scholars will travel to Perryville, Ark., and participate in a world hunger simulation at Heifer International.

Johnson O'Connor Aptitude Test

During their first year at OSU, each scholar has the opportunity to travel to Dallas, Texas, to complete a full aptitude test conducted by the Johnson O’Connor Foundation. This experience is designed to inform them of their aptitudes and how their passions translate into career interests.

Mentor Group Book Club

During their first year, scholars will select a book within their mentor groups to read and discuss together to promote collegiality.

International Experience

At the end of their second year, McKnight Scholars travel abroad to broaden their cultural perspectives and deepen their understanding of community planning, preservation and development.

McKnight Mentors

Third and fourth-year scholars have the opportunity to lead small groups of first-year scholars and mentor them through their leadership journeys fostering growth in their academic, social and service experiences at OSU. Selected mentors participate in a series of training sessions focused on serving as a life-giving leader and purposeful mentor.

Local Leader Speaker Series

The McKnight Scholars program hosts a speaker series to highlight local leaders and their journeys in leadership. Students engage in Q&A with each guest learning about their philosophies on leadership and how they've built on them to inspire vision amongst others while challenging the process. Third and fourth-year scholars plan and host this series of events.

Plan of Impact Celebration

In the spring semester, a celebration is held to highlight the graduating McKnight Scholars' leadership journey and their plan of impact upon graduation.